Natalia Ochoa & Ismael Ludman, 14. & 15. Oktober


pro Person und Kurs à 3h (Sa + So)

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Jugendheim Saggen, Falkstrasse 26, Innsbruck

Unterrichtssprache Englisch

MILONGA mit Auftritt von NATALIA & ISMAEL am SAMSTAG, 14.OKTOBER in der Falkstrasse 26!

Über die Lehrer

Natalia Ochoa was born dancing Tango. Daughter of the Tango teacher Carlos Ochoa she was dancing since very little. At the age of 12 she started helping her father in his Tango classes. Since then she hasn’t stop teaching and sharing her knowledge of this dance.

Natalia has been based in Rome (Italy) for more than ten years, where she has become an essential part of the Rome tango scene as the organiser of the Rome Tango Festival and as a director of the school of Tango La Gardel.
She has been internationally known for her superb women technique classes that brought her to many different countries besides Argentina.

Ismael Ludman initiated his dancing Tango in Buenos Aires in 1998, being part of a very fresh and creative generation at the beginning or the millennium.
He started teaching Tango in the Escuela Argentina de Tango in the year 2002. From the year 2005 he started teaching regulary in Europe as well.
He was part of many internationally known Tango festivals all over Europe and the middle east, in his partnership with Maria Mondino.
Ismael has become also very active in different Tango communities in Europe as teacher, dancer, Dj and organiser.
He is the concept creator and one of the organisers of Ibiza Tango Love. A unique Tango happening thats is entering in its 7th year an it gained a reputation of being one of the most human and creative tango gatherings.

Natalia Ochoa and Ismael Ludman made their first tango collaboration in January 2015. In this year they had a baby together who is teaching them again about being, standing and working.
In this Tango partnership they have been leading regular classes in La Gardel Rome and visiting many different places around Europe as guest teachers. They also organised several tango retreats in Ibiza during the summer 2016.
Their teaching shows their wide knowledge about Tango as their deep experience communicating with the students. They seek for an emotive and connected dance, free and relaxed, without losing anything of the rich techniques of the finest Tango dancing.