Silvina Tse & Julio Alvarez, 2. & 3. März


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Young graduate with honors in civil engineering she decides to abandon this career to professionally develop her love for Argentine tango which she had been dancing for several years. She expands her studies in Rome and Buenos Aires, preferring Pablo Garcia’s milonguero and salon tango style but without neglecting the wide and open lines of the tango developed by Chicho Frumboli and Juana Sepulveda.. She collaborates with famous international dancers (currently with Murat Erdemsel and Julio Alvarez), she is a Gyrotonic trainer and she’s regularly invited to festivals in Europe, Asia and America as a tango teacher and performer. She is particularly appreciated for her tango style characterized by long, soft and elegant lines.


Professional dancer from Havana who has always been passionate about sports, music and didactics. Raised in the national hockey team, he became an international Afro-Cuban dancer and moved to teach and perform in Rio de Janeiro. Meanwhile, Julio meets Argentine tango and decides to devote himself professionally: therefore he moves to Buenos Aires where he deepens his knowledge of this discipline with many important masters including Gisel Duran. Continuing his studies, he became a trainer in the technical, sport and psychological fields; as a dancer he has performed in important tango companies such as “Los Hermanos Macana” and collaborated with some of the most important dancers on the international scene. Julio has won several championships, has been invited abroad to hold seminars and shows, he has danced in Roberto Bolle’s OnDance festival and in other Rai television programs.


The elegant musicality of this couple is unique in the international tango scene. With her endless lines and her impeccable technique, she was born in Italy from a Chinese mother. She has an honors degree in civil engineering as well as a gyrotonic trainer diploma and a sports coach certification, but then, moved by her interior reason, she has chosen to dance and teach tango as a profession. She is currently invited to perform and teach in Europe, America and Asia.
He was born in Cuba, has a musical education and he is an expert in biomechanics and athletic training; with the Afro-Cuban rhythm in his blood, he makes of every note a precise movement. He has won several international championships in Italy, Germany and Russia.
The rare multi-ethnic and different cultural background of this wonderful couple is the evidence that tango has developed in every corner of the earth.
If you see them dancing, you won't be able to look away. They look like a single body of different colors which, caressing the floor, manage to match their movements to the music in a perfect harmonious way. In addition, everything is danced under the challenge of improvisation: their greatest ally.
As teachers they are highly esteemed by the students, thanks to their method: clarity, kindness and hard work. By always adapting the information to the specificities of each student, they manage to obtain excellent results."

Tango Argentino Bologna” project
As teachers, what we offer is the organization and analysis of the following aspects that are in our opinion extremely important to learn this discipline: basics and structures, posture, balance, connection to the dance partner, musicality, elegance, creativity and improvisation skills. The ability to deepen and combine these elements to each other represents our vision of tango today. Our goal is to bring students to correctly achieve a method of dancing Argentine tango that can reflect their physical conformation and personality. This project aims to develop a community of tango dancers to encourage a polite socialization through the music and milongas environment.
Approach and values
Argentine tango is above all a social dance based on improvisation and musicality. During the training it is necessary to give priority to the more traditional and consolidated forms of this elegant dance, however, being dancers who like to be updated, we implement more modern techniques and styles that can expand the traditional boundaries and provide, through tango, every way of expression.